The Reveal

Ok so I promised you a plot twist. Then I got all caught up slinging you knowledge on parenting. Which, I have to say was very good advice. Jaime and I are straight up chilling.

So San Antonio didn’t go so hot. The job I thought I was supposed to get fell through. At the same time, Sondra called me from Los Angeles when I thought she was going back to New Orleans! I mean wtf. I was glad she was ok but my sister take spontaneous to a whole new level, and that’s putting it nicely.

Apparently, she’s had a life-long secret dream of being in movies. Um yeah. What? Like i’m ¬†your brother and I’ve known you all your life and you made to college without ever admitting to it. But “yeah, its true.” she said. ” i was so scared of even admitting it to myself because I was embarrassed by what might happen if I failed.” I had to say, I admired her honestly.

“so why now?” i asked her.

“because i just realized it. i mean i realized that not doing it is what has been making me so sad. i’ve been imagining jaime growing up and wondering what she’s gonna tell her friends, what she’s gonna think about me, how she’s going to remember her mother. and then i had this beautiful picture of her saying to her friends, ‘my name is Jaime —— and my mom’s name is Sondra—–. She is an actress.’ and I imagined her thinking, if my mom can do that then I can do anything. so suddenly i knew it was what i had to do and i couldn’t wait. i couldn’t wait another second. i asked you know who (the baby daddy) for money and then i got on the first plane to Hollywood. bob hope airport, to be exact. and now i’m staying in a hotel, but i know a girl from summer camp that lives here and we’re having coffee. I have a feeling she might put me up.”

and then i knew what was coming….

“Will you move here?” she asked me. “will you move to LA? with Jaime?”

I mean how could I say no.


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