New Palm Life

Well, I did it. I didn’t do it in two hours flat like my sister, but I had my shit pretty much together in a week. I gave notice at the cleaners, I saw the people who were good to me and gave mad hugs. I bought a ticket to LA.

The flight was surprisingly not bad. Jaime was happy with her bottle. I’m really glad she’s back to the breast milk. I know how much healthier it is.

Sondra picked me up at Los Angeles airport. First thing we did was go straight to the best burger in the universe. Yep. You guessed it. In n Out. I’ve been hearing about this place from my west coast friends like its freakin heroine without the side effects and addiction and poverty and disease. You get the picture.

Well, turns out, they were right. I’m gonna be very happy here.

In other news: Sondra’s homie is letting her stay there. There isn’t room for me too, but there’s an apartment in the same complex. It’s pretty nice. There’s a pool. a POOL, man! Ah. Yes. And she also said they need a cleaning guy at this dental implant place where she’s a secretary. So bam. The set up is complete and I’m gonna be making pretty good money here compared to my last cleaning gig. It’s in Beverly Hills, so they have a decent budget.

That’s all for now, I’m too excited. Gonna go swim. And my friends back home are in a blizzard!


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